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Tinnitus Library

Welcome to the largest collection of Tinnitus research articles that are available online. Our resources provide you the answers of all of your Tinnitus questions.

Tinnitus Library

Tinnitus Treatment and Research Library

Discover the largest collection of tinnitus research articles available online. In our Tinnitus Library you’ll find over 160 articles on all aspects of the tinnitus condition. These articles provide valuable information on the causes of tinnitus, current treatments, scientific studies, and more.

Within the Arches Tinnitus Formula Research Library, you will find the answers your important tinnitus questions. You can search by category (left side column) or look for a specific term or word in the “Search Tinnitus Library field in the upper right area of every page. However avoid using the "tinnitus" since every article contains that word.

With the largest collection of tinnitus articles available online, we provide an array of information for our customers as well as those who are just trying to learn the latest in tinnitus research. Every article provides valuable information for those affected by tinnitus, whether they are looking for information on causes of tinnitus, treatments options and therapies, or the latest review of clinical studies.

Our Top Tinnitus Research Articles

Here are a few articles on tinnitus that may be of interest:

Are you looking for a proven tinnitus treatment? Navigate the left side of this page and view “Arches Supplements.” Here you can learn more on how Arches Tinnitus Formula, Stress Formula and B-12 Formula work together to provide clinically proven and natural tinnitus relief.

If you’re interested in learning how what you eat can affect your tinnitus read the important article on Diet and Tinnitus:  What to eat and what to avoid.

Did you know that there are over 300 prescription drugs that may cause or worsen tinnitus? View a list of them at Prescription Drugs That Can Cause Tinnitus.

Is stress making your tinnitus worse? If so then learn why B vitamins can be an important part of your natural tinnitus relief regimen by helping you deal the stress and anxiety.

If your tinnitus seems to “pulse” with your heartbeat then read our article on Pulsatile Tinnitus: It’s causes and treatments.

Did you know that Lyme disease caused by ticks is on the rise… and if left untreated it can cause tinnitus? Read more about it in Lyme Disease, Hyperacusis and Tinnitus

More Information & Ask Barry Questions on Tinnitus

If you have a question that is not answered in one of our many articles, we encourage you to ask your questions to our resident tinnitus expert, Barry Keate. Barry has lived with tinnitus for over 40 years and offers tinnitus insights and help every month in Quiet Times Tinnitus Newsletter and the popular Ask Barry Question on Tinnitus monthly column. These free e-newsletters offer answers to many important questions concerning our readers. You can Ask Barry your questions, view the latest articles and tinnitus research or subscribe to our newsletter in the Quiet Times Archives.

We invite you to explore the wealth of tinnitus information assembled here.

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