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What Works

The most expensive ingredient in our products is also the most important for relieving many tinnitus sufferers’ symptoms: Ginkgo biloba. Clinical studies have shown that pharmaceutical-grade ginkgo is often effective in relieving tinnitus­—and that lower-quality ginkgo is not. See the studies.

Why It Works

We use a more expensive process which preserves ginkgo’s potency – so it actually works for most people. We think paying more for a product that works is a much better value than paying less for a product that doesn’t. About the process.

Zinc also helps reduce tinnitus, according to clinical studies, but is hard to absorb. We bind the zinc in Arches Tinnitus Formula® to an amino acid, in the form of zinc picolinate, to make it much more absorbable.

We’re not cutting corners. We want you to succeed, so you’ll keep coming back. Barry’s story.


Will Arches Tinnitus Formula® Work For You?

Your results will depend on the cause of your tinnitus. For example, if you have pulsatile tinnitus or tinnitus caused by misalignment of the jaw, we don’t recommend Arches Tinnitus Formula.

However, Arches customers whose tinnitus is caused by hearing loss or exposure to loud noise typically see very good results with our products. Your doctor may have mentioned hyperacusis or sensorineural hearing loss to describe these conditions.

The most effective tinnitus treatment available—start today

Our customers need to take Arches Tinnitus Formula® for up to 100 days in order to judge how quiet their tinnitus can get. We can sell you a single bottle (a 25-day supply), and another one after that, but you can save $20 by ordering our Starter Kit, a 100-day supply.

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