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  • 10 Causes of Ear Fullness: What You Should Know

    ...and how it can affect your tinnitus By Shauna ScottQuiet Times Staff Writer Driving up a canyon, taking off in an airplane, swimming completely submerged… all of these things can make us take note of pressure in the inner ear. When this pressure can’t be relieved in the normal manner, the re... continue reading
  • 5 Types of Sugar Substitutes: What to Avoid if You have Tinnitus

    by Barry Keate In an effort to avoid insulin resistance and diabetes, which can lead to tinnitus, many are shunning sugar by using sugar substitutes. But not all sugar substitutes are alike. Some offer zero calories but come with unhealthy side effects. Other substitutes actually spike blood suga... continue reading
  • Acoustic Neuromas & Tinnitus

    Why Your Doctor Ordered an MRI by Barry Keate and Mari Quigley Miller Editor’s Note: Mari Quigley Miller developed an acoustic neuroma with hearing loss and tinnitus and has since undergone successful treatment. She now leads a Tinnitus Support Group in Orange, CA. For further information, contact ... continue reading
  • Age Related Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

    by Barry Keate Presbycusis is hearing loss due to aging. It is the cumulative effect of aging on hearing and can be worsened by other factors, including noise exposure, toxic medications, and several disease conditions. Presbycusis typically appears in both ears as high frequency hearing loss, t... continue reading
  • Aspirin Slows Acoustic Neuroma Growth

    By Barry Keate Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that taking aspirin may slow and perhaps even halt the growth of a brain tumor called acoustic neuroma. This rare, non-malignant growth causes progressive hearing loss and tinnitus on just one side of the head. Acoustic neuromas are also... continue reading
  • BPPV – A Common Cause of Vertigo

    By Barry Keate Vertigo is an inner ear disorder, which has many causes. The most common, especially among older people, is BPPV - Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Unlike other causes of vertigo, this condition can be treated by simple physical manipulations, either in a doctor’s office or at h... continue reading
  • Bruxism, TMJ Disorder and Tinnitus

    By Barry Keate Have you ever caught yourself clenching or grinding teeth? Do you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw? You may have bruxism and it can cause tinnitus. Bruxism is the term for the involuntary, unconscious, and excessive clenching or grinding of teeth. It is one of the primary caus... continue reading
  • Cell Phones, Acoustic Neuromas & Tinnitus

    Do Cell Phones Cause Acoustic Neuromas? by Barry Keate There has been a good deal of discussion in scientific circles recently over the concern that radio-frequency (RF) radiation, from cell phone usage, may cause damage to the human brain in the form of an acoustic neuroma. The incidence of acous... continue reading
  • Dental Work, Tinnitus and You. What you need to know.

    By Barry Keate For years people have told me that visiting the dentist makes their tinnitus worse -- or better. As I've listened to their stories and asked many questions, clear patterns have emerged. Some of the suspects are obvious. For example, drill noise and ultrasonic plaque removal both involv... continue reading
  • Diet and Tinnitus: What to Eat and What to Avoid

    by Barry Keate I hear from many people that their tinnitus varies from day to day and often worsens for no apparent reason. They may be unaware that what they ate that day may correlate with worsened tinnitus. Because tinnitus and diet are related, a thoughful diet plan needs to be created if you ar... continue reading

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