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Ask Barry Questions on Tinnitus - November 2016

Do you have questions about tinnitus, our products or specific treatments? Ask Barry. Arches President and tinnitus authority, Barry Keate, will select the most representative questions each month for publication. All questions will receive a personal reply from Barry.

Tinnitus expert Bary KeateTinnitus expert, Barry Keate, answers your questions on Tinnitus Send your question to: Ask Barry

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Notched Music Therapy for Tinnitus

Hi Barry,

I'm going to try your 100 day 4 bottle series. Have you ever tried notched tone therapy? If so, did it help? Do you have layman's information on VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation) in conjunction with tone therapy?

Thanks, James M.

Dear James,

I have never tried notched music therapy and don’t know anyone who has. It seems reasonable enough that notching out the bandwidth of a person’s tinnitus in music will stimulate the neurons around that bandwidth and provide therapy. I don’t really know the degree of tinnitus reduction notched music therapy will provide.

I’m not aware of anyone using Vagus Nerve Stimulation in conjunction with notched music. It is way too early to even try to define how successful one therapy is without combining it with another unknown therapy. I spoke with Michael Seidman, MD a couple of months ago. He is one of the leading researchers into VNS and he told me in the early clinical study of only a few people, they had about a 50% success rate and the amount of reduction varied between 30 and 80% among the successful participants. This is similar to the success rate using Arches Tinnitus Formula

Wishing you quiet times, Barry Keate

Facial Nerves Affected by Tinnitus?

Hi Barry,

I have had tinnitus for two years. It has been intense and horrible. Why would a fan or refrigerator running or even my boiler running intensify it? Although I have had some relief in the overall intensity it still goes on 24/7. My right side of my face is in discomfort or pain most of the time especially when it is intense tinnitus. Why would something supposedly in my head effect nerves in my face?

Thank you, Brian B.

Dear Brian,

Structures in the head and neck frequently cause or influence tinnitus. I’m not an ear doctor and, even if I were, I cannot diagnose from an email. There are a few things here that may be at work. One is TMJ dysfunction, a misalignment of the jaw where it fits in with the skull at the temporo-mandibular joint. This is common after falls, accidents and sudden knocks on the head. One way you can see if this is the case is to stand in front of a mirror. Take some time to relax your face and body. Then slowly open your mouth. If it opens straight up and down, you probably don’t have this. But if it opens somewhat sideways, you do.

One place to start may be to consult a dentist specializing in TMJ. A local specialist can be found in the link at the end of the article. If this is not the case, a physical therapist may be able to help out.

Another possible cause is traumatic brain injury (TBI) or whiplash. Either of these can cause tinnitus and pain. This article is in two part; the second article on TBI can be seen here which discusses whiplash.

I hope you find relief. I feel if you can find the cause it will be treatable.

Wishing you quiet times, Barry Keate

Can Shingles Affect Tinnitus?

Hello Barry!

I recently found an Arches pamphlet among papers I got from my ENT a few years ago after having sinus surgery.  I picked it up because I do have tinnitus.  I've had it for some years and it hasn't been too horrible.

In September I developed a pretty bad case of Shingles (I'm only 42 by the way) while recovering from discectomy and fusion of my c5-7 vertebrae. The Shingles affected my right ear and now I have hearing loss and intense tinnitus.  It is horrible and is negatively impacting life.

I will be ordering your product soon.  Have you come across any studies, success with your product, anything useful about improvement in tinnitus caused from Shingles?  I am currently half way through a strong month-long prescription of the steroid prednisone from my ENT in hopes of repairing/preserving my nerve.

Thanks, in advance for any insight. Theresa I.

Dear Theresa,

I'm terribly sorry this happened to you but there is good news. Shingles is not a permanent problem and begins to scab over and clear up in 3 to 5 weeks. It definitely causes hearing loss and tinnitus but as the infection ebbs, hearing loss and tinnitus generally do also. About 95% of people who experience hearing loss due to shingles will have complete recovery of their hearing and tinnitus should abate.

Taking Arches Tinnitus Formula (ATF) should help this process along. Our proprietary Ginkgo Biloba extract used in ATF, Ginkgo Max 26/7 is known to help prevent damage to the cochlea and auditory nerve and should help in recovery. It should also calm the auditory nerve and lead to reduced tinnitus.

I wish you a speedy recovery and hope Arches Tinnitus Formula is a great help for you.

Wishing you quiet times, Barry Keate

NOTE: Ask Barry is pleased to be able to answer your questions based upon the information we have available. Our answers to your email inquiries are not substitutes for a physician's advice nor are they reviewed by a physician. We encourage you to share any suggestions you have received from Ask Barry with your doctor.