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Ask Barry - May 2004

Do you have questions about tinnitus, our products or specific treatments? Ask Barry. Arches President Barry Keate will select the most representative questions each month publication. Regardless all questions will receive a personal reply from Barry.

ASK BARRY Tinnitus expert, Barry Keate, answers your questions about Tinnitus Send your question to:  Ask Barry

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NOTE: Ask Barry is pleased to be able to answer your questions based upon the information we have available. Our answers to your email inquiries are not substitutes for a physician's advice nor are they reviewed by a physician. If you are under a physician's care, please share with your doctor any suggestions you have received from Ask Barry.

This Month's Questions:


I was first introduced to your line of Tinnitus products about 2 tears ago by Dr. Michael Siedman. I am 34 and have been suffering from moderate Tinnitus in my left ear for about 2 years resulting from either a virus which attacked my left ear or a possible fistula 15 years ago. Your products have definitely helped tone down the loudness in my left ear and additionally have helped with imbalance issues that crop up periodically. The articles from your website are very informative and helpful.

I am interested in your new line of Body Language products but I am not sure what to get since I already take the Arches Tinnitus Combo Pack along with additional zinc, plus a multi-mineral and vitamin. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Kevin Adelson

Dear Kevin;

Thanks for your message. I’m delighted our products have helped you and hope you continue to improve. Body Language Vitamins are very helpful in maintaining good health and vitality. I take all three. If you’re taking a high quality vitamin and mineral compound, that should also be helpful. The one additional product I recommend is his Antioxidant Formula. This can be directly helpful for tinnitus and balance issues.

You may have seen the recent article on Antioxidants, Health and Tinnitus which discusses how antioxidants can be helpful for tinnitus. I’ve been taking them for about a year and I believe they have further improved my tinnitus. Additionally they’re also extremely healthful for a variety of reasons, including improving your immune system, providing more energy, and increasing longevity.

Wishing you quiet times,

Barry Keate

Dear Barry

I am Belgium, sorry for any mistakes. I suffer on continuous 24 hours Tinnitus since 1 1/2 years. It sounds like an electric whistling frequency. At the beginning of January I started with the complete formula and now finished . Unfortunately nothing changed. I would be thankful for your advice.

Best Regards


Dear Jan;

I’m very sorry our products were not more helpful. Unfortunately they do not work for everyone nor do any other current treatments.

There are many possibilities for improvement. However they may depend on a closer understanding of what caused your tinnitus in the first place. Do you have any problems with your jaw? If the jaw does not fit well with the skull, it’s called TMJ and specialists in the dental profession can be helpful in reducing muscle stress, pain and tinnitus. You can read article TMJ and Tinnitus found in our Information Center.

Barring TMJ there are still many possibilities. We are convinced that almost everyone with tinnitus can be helped if they take the time to investigate all possibilities.

Tinnitus masking can be helpful for many people. The next issue of our newsletter, Quiet Times, will have an article on Tinnitus Masking. I have taken the liberty of entering your email address in the newsletter subscription list. You should receive it in the next couple of weeks. Tinnitus Retraining Therapy is also helpful for many people, although it is quite expensive and takes 18-24 months to reach full effectiveness. You can search for information on these therapies.

Dr. Abraham Shulman has developed a medication that is helpful for tinnitus. This medication can be prescribed by any Ear, Nose and Throat doctor in the world. There is an article on this therapy in our Information Center as well. Please print it out and take it to your doctor.

We still believe that a healthy diet and proper supplementation can be very helpful for people with tinnitus, even if our products are not. Please see the article on Antioxidants, Health and Tinnitus. I take a Body Language Vitamin Antioxidant Formula and about 2,000 mg daily of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) which is described in the article.

There are other possibilities as well. Many of them can be found on our website at on our website in our Information Center. Please read through some of these. One in particular is offered in Europe but not the US. This is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), which is showing great success in reducing tinnitus symptoms.

I hope this is helpful and you can receive some reduction in the sound levels.

Wishing you quiet times,

Barry Keate