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Ask Barry - July 2004

Do you have questions about tinnitus, our products or specific treatments? Ask Barry. Arches President Barry Keate will select the most representative questions each month publication. Regardless all questions will receive a personal reply from Barry.

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Dear Barry,

I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease when I was 28. I am now 35 and have been suffering from tinnitus for 7 years. I was told by my ENT specialist that the hearing aid would help with the tinnitus, but medically there was nothing they could do. It has been constant in my right ear and sounds like a monotonous hum of a note on a piano, sometimes louder than others. it is getting much worse because now I will, at times, hear several different humming sounds. it's like someone hits a note on a piano key, some sounds might be a high note, some low.

I saw your product along with several others on the Internet. When I asked my audiologist, she dismissed them and gave me a handout on ways to reduce tinnitus. Things like reducing salt, caffeine, smoking. I don't smoke, drink soft drinks, or eat canned goods because they are high in salt. The last recommendation on the list was don't worry about it. I wanted to scream "Are you kidding me? Don't worry about it, that's your advice?" I'd like to see the authors of the handout have a piano playing in the ear 24/7 and see how easy it is for them to not worry about it.

I take thyroid medication and worry about over-the-counter products that might interfere. Why do doctors dismiss these products? are they really that harmful or they mad that they didn't invent these products, so they won't get any money from them. Can your product help me?

Lesley S.

Dear Lesley;

I'm sorry your doctors haven't been more helpful. It seems that American health professionals are very skeptical of medicinals that don't come out of the test tubes of pharmaceutical companies. This is vastly different from European doctors who are very attuned to phytomedicinals; specifically herbal and mineral therapies for chronic conditions.

There is a wealth of scientific evidence that the components used in Arches Tinnitus Formulas are effective in reducing tinnitus symptoms. A German overview of 19 clinical studies on the effects of ginkgo on tinnitus concludes that not only is it helpful but people should begin using it at the first sign of tinnitus.

Another study on the effects of zinc on tinnitus was published last year in the American Journal of Otology. This is the official scientific publication for ear doctors. In this study, 82% of tinnitus patients who took 50 mg of zinc daily had significant improvement in their tinnitus. We attend the annual convention of Otolaryngologists, Ear Nose & Throat doctors. At last year's meeting we spoke with about 300 doctors and not a single one had read the study. The study is also in our Information Center and can be seen at zinc study.

Our products are not harmful in any way and will not interfere with thyroid medications. In fact, there are many health benefits associated with using them even if you don't have tinnitus. Ginkgo and zinc are both powerful antioxidants and scour the body of disease causing toxins. Ginkgo is very heart and brain healthy and reduces cholesterol to its proper levels. Ginkgo is also a mild antidepressant and it inhibits age related macular degeneration. Zinc is important in stimulating the immune system. Many nutritionists now think zinc is one of the keys to longevity.

So that's the long answer. The short answer is yes, I think our products can be helpful for you.

Wishing you quiet times ,

Barry Keate

Hello Barry,

Just finished reading your latest newsletter and as always it is very informative and makes me feel that maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel after all. Prior to receiving your newsletters, some 12 months now, I felt that I was stuck with this curse forever and that nothing could be done to alleviate it. Your newsletter has proved right and people who have told me that there was nothing to be done have been proved wrong. Many thanks. Are we any nearer to your TRF being marketed in Europe?

Graham Spurrell

Stockport, England

Dear Graham;

Thank you for your note of encouragement. We try to publish everything we’re aware of that will help people with tinnitus, whether it pertains to our products or not. Messages like yours make me feel that we’re doing the right thing. I am personally convinced that the great majority of people with tinnitus will be able to manage their symptoms if they keep looking for and studying methods that are currently available.

I believe the Arches Tinnitus Formulas should be the first line of attack because they are relatively inexpensive and enhance general health as well as reduce tinnitus noise. However, there are many more therapies available and if one doesn’t work, the next one may. There is not one therapy that works for everyone but there are many different methods to try.

We are working on finding a European distributor for our products but it’s taking some time. The bureaucratic hurdles are quite challenging. Hopefully, by this time next year we’ll have a distributor in place in the EU. Until then, we ship regularly to the UK. The shipping costs are fairly expensive but we can usually deliver to the UK within one week.

Wishing you quiet times,

Barry Keate