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Arches’ President Barry Keate
Tells His Story of Victory Over Tinnitus


Dear Friends,


My name is Barry Keate and I have tinnitus. For the past 14 years I have been President of Arches Natural Products, Inc., the manufacturer of Arches Tinnitus Formulas and am passionate about helping others to recover from tinnitus... by any valid therapy.


I have lived with tinnitus for over 40 years. For most of the first 20 years my tinnitus was very intense and I suffered severely. But for the last 20 years my tinnitus has been reduced by about two-thirds and I rarely notice it. This is the story of what happened to me and how Arches Tinnitus Formulas came into being.


My Tinnitus – The Early Years


My tinnitus was caused by exposure to loud noise, beginning with my military service in the 1960’s. In those days, hearing protection was not required on military firing ranges and the constant explosive noise of weapons fire took its toll on my hearing. By the time I was in my late 20’s, a high-pitched ringing developed in my right ear.  As time went on it became louder and more troublesome.


I consulted with an Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor or ENT) who had my hearing tested. He confirmed I had tinnitus due to hearing loss, most likely due to exposure to loud noise. The doctor said there was nothing that could be done and I would have to “learn to live with it.” For years I struggled with tinnitus. I couldn’t sleep at night and was distracted during the day. My nerves were shot and I was totally exhausted.


I consulted with another doctor who prescribed Valium, a strong tranquilizer. While this was helpful in reducing the sound and calming my nerves, Valium came with a host of side effects. I felt drugged and sluggish, having difficulty working or even driving a car. Plus Valium is addicting, requiring a larger dose as time goes on. There had to be another way.


Tinnitus Research


Desperate for a better solution, I embarked on my own research project. I quickly discovered a wealth of clinical studies, mostly conducted in Europe, which showed Ginkgo Biloba Extract to be an effective treatment for tinnitus.


In early searches I found references to the German Commission E. The Commission E is a division of the German Federal Health Administration and is considered to be the world’s foremost authority on the use of herbal medicinals. They published the Commission E Monographs, which have become the regulatory “Bible” for herbal medicinals worldwide. After reviewing 38 double-blind, placebo controlled studies the Commission E decided to recommend Ginkgo biloba for the treatment of tinnitus in the dosage of 480 mg per day.[1]


Encouraged by this finding, I continued investigating specific clinical studies on ginkgo for the treatment of tinnitus. I found a German overview of 19 clinical studies for tinnitus that showed improvement in every study.[2]


The overview found improvement in the studies for most causes of tinnitus. The conclusion reads, “Two large-scale studies, however, established that in case of shorter duration of the disease, a better prognosis and treatment success are to be expected in general. The clinically relevant conclusion to be drawn from this is to start treatment as early as possible.”


I soon found a study showing zinc supplementation was also effective in reducing tinnitus.[3] In this study, “...the severity of subjective tinnitus decreased in 82% of the patients taking (50 mg/day) zinc.”



I also discovered an important relationship between stress, cholesterol and tinnitus. Garlic has long been known to calm the nervous system, thin and purify the blood and reduce cholesterol, which can clog the small artery leading to the cochlea. Recently one clinical study showed garlic to be helpful in preventing hearing loss and tinnitus caused by ototoxic medications.[4]


Tinnitus Product Development


I developed a personal compound based on Ginkgo biloba, zinc and odorless garlic and began using it in an attempt to lower the sound levels of my tinnitus. After 8-10 weeks the sound began to lower dramatically. This compound became the foundation for Arches Tinnitus Formula™.


Through continued research I also learned that true pharmaceutical grade ginkgo is very difficult to obtain. Ginkgo biloba is a popular but fairly expensive herb. Many unscrupulous manufacturers have taken to adulterating their product with a component found in buckwheat in order to make it less expensive. The component of buckwheat is an ineffective product but is cheap and very difficult to differentiate from Ginkgo biloba using normal lab techniques. The problem has become so widespread that in 2003, Consumer Labs found 75% of ginkgo products failed standardized testing.


Since we discovered the difficulty in sourcing high quality ginkgo, Arches has been rigorously diligent to certify the quality of our ginkgo is extremely high and not adulterated in any form. Arches Tinnitus Formula™ uses the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade Ginkgo Biloba Extract found anywhere in the world. You can view our Certificate of Analysis which certifies our ginkgo to be free of adulteration.



Our ginkgo is naturally grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. It is extracted only with ethyl alcohol and water. Many producers extract with less expensive petroleum distillates, which leave toxic residues. Finally our ginkgo is processed to remove Ginkgolic Acid, a powerful allergen that can cause gastric upset and skin rashes. There is no better ginkgo found in the world than that found in Arches Tinnitus Formula™.


The results of the research and product development that led to Arches Tinnitus Formula™ can be seen in an article titled Arches Tinnitus Formula: The Science Behind the Product.



My tinnitus has been reduced by two-thrids and most of the time I don’t notice it. I can now sit in a quiet room and read a book without thinking of tinnitus. I have been given the gift of quiet times again and am extremely thankful for it. I have been taking Arches Tinnitus Formula™ for almost 20 years and have stopped intentionally twice, thinking perhaps I had improved without use of the formula. Each time the ringing began to return to its previous levels within two weeks. When I began using it again, the ringing subsided.


Stress and Tinnitus


Living with intense tinnitus caused me a great deal of daily stress. Researching stress, in general, and stress with tinnitus specifically I learned of the important relationship that B vitamins play in mitigating daily stress.


There is an important link between B vitamins and the health of the nervous system. They act as natural antidepressants, improve energy production and stabilize the nervous system. Many people have improved feelings of wellbeing and some have reduced symptoms of tinnitus just from taking vitamin B supplements. One clinical study showed that most people with tinnitus have reduced levels of vitamin B-12.[5]


Cooking and food processing easily destroy B vitamins as they are very unstable. They are also water-soluble; that is, they are flushed through the body and are not

stored. Because of these facts, B vitamins must be supplemented on a daily basis to ensure the body has adequate reserves.


By 2001 it had become apparent to me that B vitamins would be an important addition in the battle against tinnitus. We then introduced Arches Tinnitus Stress  Formula™ and Arches Tinnitus B-12 Formula™. The Stress Formula consists of a high potency B-Complex vitamin containing all components of the B vitamin family. The B-12 Formula was separated out because vitamin B-12 is destroyed by the digestive system and should be injected or dissolved under the tongue to enter the blood stream. The B-12 Formula we offer uses a sublingual tablet and allowed to dissolve under the tongue.


The results of the research and product development that led to Arches Tinnitus Stress and B-12 Formulas can be seen in an article titled Arches Tinnitus Stress and B-12 Formulas: How B Vitamins Help Tinnitus.



Arches Tinnitus Formulas and the Physician


For over 12 years, Arches has enjoyed the support of leading ENT doctors. This ever-growing number of over 2,000 physicians continues to refer their patients to Arches’ products based on verifiable clinical evidence. As any ENT doctor will confirm, there is no "cure" for tinnitus despite a myriad of such claims found on the Internet. However they have found in Arches Tinnitus Formulas a solution that meets or exceeds other treatments that are credible but generally much more expensive and time consuming. The consensus of referring physicians shows that approximately 50% of their patients have a significant reduction in their tinnitus and elect to continue using the products. Another 25% experience a reduction that is not as significant and 25% remain unchanged. Arches Tinnitus Formula must be used for a minimum of three months (Combo Pack or minimum 4 bottles) to become fully effective.


Since 2001 we have attended the annual convention of the American Academy of Otolaryngology. For four days each year we have the opportunity to meet face to face with ENTs from around the country and discuss tinnitus treatments. In addition, I have had the honor to be invited to the annual International Tinnitus Forum, which takes place during the convention.  This eminent group of leading tinnitus researchers from around the world meets to discuss the causes, management and potential treatments for tinnitus.


Ongoing Recovery


Today, I have dedicated my life to help people who suffer from tinnitus enjoy a reduction of their symptoms and an improved quality of life. Arches is continually engaged in the search for improved treatment options and advanced supplemental therapies. It is my hope that my story and Arches’ products can be of real benefit to you and your recovery from tinnitus.

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