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Arches Tinnitus Combo Pack


Arches Tinnitus Combo Pack

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Recommended by leading ENT doctors. Get the complete 90-day supply of all Arches Tinnitus Formulas: 4 bottles of our Tinnitus Formula (100 days), 1 bottle of Stress Formula (90 days), and 1 bottle of B-12 Formula (90 days). You always save $44.75 off individual retail prices. Add a Sleep Formula for only $9.95. SAVE an additional $10!

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Take the Complete 90 Day Trial - and SAVE $44.75 off retail prices.

Set yourself up for success with the doctor recommended 3 month combo pack of all Arches Tinnitus Formulas.

Each Combo Pack contains:

  • 4Ginkgo Max 26/7 logo bottles - Arches Tinnitus Formula® with premium-grade Ginkgo Max 26/7®, Zinc picolinate, and deodorized Garlic. 100 day supply at recommended dosage. Only Arches has Ginkgo Max 26/7®, our proprietary, higher potency, highest concentrate Ginkgo biloba extract, specifically designed for tinnitus
  • 1 bottle - Arches Tinnitus Stress Formula™ with high potency B vitamin complex. 90 day supply at recommended dosage.
  • 1 bottle - Arches Tinnitus B-12 Formula™ - a raspberry flavored high potency dietary supplement lozenge. 90 day supply at recommended dosage.

Reduce Tinnitus and Stress with the Combo Pack

  • 1 - Ginkgo Biloba Extract* (Tinnitus Formula) - Our proprietary ginkgo extract concentrate Ginkgo Max 26/7® taken for at least 90 days has the ability to significantly reduce your tinnitus. Ginkgo biloba extract has been proven clinically effective to reduce tinnitus.
  • 2 - Zinc Picolinate (Tinnitus Formula) - In a clinical study 82% said their tinnitus improved using a special zinc designed for better absorption.
  • 3 - Deodorized Garlic (Tinnitus Formula) - helps to reduce cholesterol that can reside in the small artery leading to the inner ear.
  • 4 - B-Vitamin Complex (Stress Formula) - Deficiency in these vitamins has been shown to result in tinnitus. Taken together, B Vitamin Complex can improve tinnitus, reduce stress and improve mood.
  • 5 - Vitamin B-12 (B-12 Formula) - Cannot be stored in the body and must be replenished daily. Improves mood and fights tinnitus. There is a correlation between the decline in Vitamin B-12 levels and the increasing prevalence of tinnitus.
  • 6 - Bioflavonoid Complex (Stress Formula) - Cirtus Bioflavonoids have long been considered great antioxidants, specifically for protecting such conditions as ringing in the ear (tinnitus), headaches, and vertigo.





Supplement Facts: Arches Tinnitus Formula
Supplement Facts - Arches Tinnitus Formula
Supplement Facts: Arches Tinnitus Stress Formula
Supplement Facts - Arches Tinnitus Stress Formula
Supplement Facts: Arches Tinnitius B12 Formula
Supplement Facts - Arches Tinnitus B12 Formula
For Best
Our Treatment Protocol

Taking Arches Tinnitus Formula (4 bottles) along with a high potency B Vitamin component (our Tinnitus Stress and B-12 Formulas) provides the most effective combination of vital supplements for your tinnitus. The combo pack has been formulated to provide the greatest degree of relief, and is especially recommend for first time users. It is also the best value—saving you $44.75 over purchasing these products individually.